The mission of Hearts In Motion is to provide care and medical treatment for children, families, and communities through its programs and sponsorships in the U.S., and Central and South America. An additional goal is to provide opportunities for individuals to participate in short-term mission experiences. The impact of the trip experience on each team member is at least as great as the impact on the lives of the people we touch. Many lives are changed.

Hearts In Motion works to complement resources already in place while respecting the culture of those whose lives it touches. Hearts In Motion accomplishes this with compassionate volunteers who unite their efforts and talents.

H.I.M. has established itself in Guatemala by consistently providing outstanding care and services since 1990. A cooperative relationship exists with local Government leaders. This helps in identifying needs and priorities of the groups served. Local committees are included to insure the viability of activities and programs. Locals are hired when possible, to insure the continuity and longevity of H.I.M. activities.

Hearts In Motion medical care

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February 24 – March 4
Physical Therapy clinics

February 26 – March 5

Physical Therapy clinics

MARCH 5 – 12

Physical Therapy clinics

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Children In School Sponsorship Program

Children Served in Nutrition Center

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