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Most of us are familiar with the physical and social benefits of sports; but how many of us ever really think about the true impact sports can have in all aspects of our lives, especially the lives of disadvantaged young people. Hearts in Motion, a non-profit organization whose mission from 1990 is to provide service care and medical treatment for children, families, and communities through its programs and sponsorships in the U.S., Central and South America. H.I.M. has seen the need to offer youngsters and adults in underdeveloped areas of the world, the opportunity to grow physically and emotionally through sound sports programs.

Sports In Motion (SIM)

Sports In Motion is a program under the organization Hearts In Motion (HIM) that is dedicated to promoting involvement in sports to the people of Guatemala and providing opportunities through community involvement for healthy, athletic lifestyles.


Sports In Motion (SIM)The vision of Sports In Motion is to see lives changed through exposure to sports and the benefits they provide, not just on the playing field, but in all areas of life. Through sports, a person, community, or country can be steered in a positive healthy direction, which is a desperate need in this part of Guatemala.

SIM believes that by creating facilities and programs that promote healthy athletic lifestyles, minds and doors will be opened for the people of Guatemala in all walks of life. The lifestyle developed through the participation in athletics is one of discipline, hard work, and dedication, which are qualities that are essential to a well-rounded individual. SIM envisions bringing this mindset to the people of Guatemala with the help of so many great hearts and minds in and out of Guatemala.


Sports In Motion (SIM) historySIM started as a vision in 2007 when HIM witnessed the need for sports in the state of Zacapa, Guatemala.

The original plan of SIM was to help reconstruct a soccer field located at the site of HIM’s Nutrition Center, giving the people of that area a functional facility where the community could come together by way of athletics. As time went on, new projects and opportunities presented themselves and the scope of the SIM vision broadened with the help of volunteers, suggestions, talents, and donations.

In the past 3 years, SIM has reconstructed the basketball court located at HIM’s Nutritional Center into a multi-sport court where basketball, mini-soccer, tennis, and volleyball are played with an average of 20 to 50 participants using the facility daily, along with occasional organized soccer tournaments. SIM has also assisted in the development of a tennis program located in Zacapa with the Federacion de Deportes, where there are now daily youth tennis clinics held with upwards of 25 participants daily. Previously, these courts were extremely underutilized.

The soccer field at HIM’s Nutrition Center was just recently reconstructed from an uneven, pothole-ridden field into a level, smooth field where the community can play soccer. These are just a few of the major projects SIM has been working on and continues to support. There are numerous other minor projects and support going on in the state of Zacapa that are always looking for volunteers, suggestions, and prayer support.

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