Our Vision & Mission

A Vision for Future Opportunities for Service and Support

Today, Hearts in Motion is in an excellent position to address quality of life issues in Central America, especially Guatemala and Honduras. Since 1990, Hearts In Motion has been involved in human services in Central America, recognized by politicians and other organizations as dependable, resourceful and compassionate. H.I.M. is known and respected by a network of government agencies and service organizations.

Hearts In Motion has identified several potential programs to address issues of poverty in the areas now served. These fall generally in the areas of prevention, education and employment. Medical research indicates that many of the physical abnormalities seen in the children who are brought to surgery (cleft palate, club foot, etc) are a result of poor nutrition or inadequate pre-natal care.

Programs addressing nutrition and pre-natal care would prevent many of these abnormalities. It is clear that a more deliberate program to impact the education of children would increase literacy and prepare children to compete in the labor market. Providing quality day care as well as adult programs to teach job skills would effectively address the issues of unemployment.

Looking to the future, the H.I.M. plan will include the construction of more houses with the initial capability to serve as a day care facility for twenty to thirty children. Immediately impacting the nutritional, health and educational needs of early childhood, the program plan is to develop into community centers for adult education in areas of nutrition, employment skills and parenting issues. Hearts In Motion will continue to invest heavily in addressing quality of life issues in the Department of Zacapa.

The Mission of H.I.M.

The mission of Hearts In Motion is to provide care and medical treatment for children, families, and communities through its programs and sponsorships in the U.S., and Central and South America. An additional goal is to provide opportunities for individuals to participate in short-term mission experiences. The impact of the trip experience on each team member is at least as great as the impact on the lives of the people we touch. Many lives are changed.

Hearts In Motion works to complement resources already in place while respecting the culture of those whose lives it touches. Hearts In Motion accomplishes this with compassionate volunteers who unite their efforts and talents.

H.I.M. has established itself in Guatemala by consistently providing outstanding care and services since 1990.

A cooperative relationship exists with local Government leaders. This helps in identifying needs and priorities of the groups served. Local committees are included to insure the viability of activities and programs. Locals are hired when possible, to insure the continuity and longevity of H.I.M. activities.

Hearts in Motion A Vision for Future Opportunities for Service and Support
Hearts in Motion A Vision for Future Opportunities for Service and Support
Hearts in Motion A Vision for Future Opportunities for Service and Support

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