Weekly Feed Sponsorships

In 2008, Hearts In Motion (HIM) started a Weekly Feed Program where approximately 100 children enjoy a free lunch every Thursday afternoon at the Nutrition Center in Gualan, Guatemala.

In January 2016, HIM expanded the Program to two days a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays, due to the high demand.  Despite the two days a week, there is still an ever-growing waiting list.

The children are selected by a Guatemalan social worker from the most impoverished families in the Valle de Montagua area. The ages are from infancy to 10 years.

The children who participate in the Weekly Feeds are also seen regularly by our visiting pediatricians, physician assistants, and dentists at the Center. They also receive clothing and participate in extra-curricular activities.

Your $15 monthly donations will provide a weekly nutritious meal, general healthcare improvement, and recreational activities.

Due to the enormous demand for participation in the Weekly Feed Program, a sponsored child who fails to be present for multiple consecutive weeks may be replaced automatically by an unsponsored child on the waiting list.

We are looking for sponsors to help cover the costs of feeding each child. For many of these children, this maybe the only opportunity they have to receive a well-balanced meal throughout their week.

Below are pictures of children who are in need of sponsors. Please look through the pictures to select the child who speaks to your heart. Thank you for your support.


“In 2008, Hearts In Motion began the Weekly Feed Program. Each Tuesday & Thursday¬†afternoon, approximately 100 children enjoy a free lunch at our Nutrition Center in Gualan, Guatemala.”

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