We want you to have an amazing trip and to make the best use of your time and talent while you are with us! Below is a list of our mission trips' most frequently asked questions. If you have other questions that are not included below, please get in touch with Aaron Frazita at 219-924-2446.


Download our 2024 Trip Participant Checklist with details on our trip or get answers to our most commonly answered questions below.  

There is a place for everyone! HIM needs all types of volunteers: Medical and Allied Health professionals, skilled tradesmen, firefighters, those fluent in Spanish, individuals to care for children and assist in clinics, workers to help build homes and do small repairs and more. If you have a willing heart to serve, you are welcome to join our trips. Let us know the passions and skills of your group and together we will put together a trip that will be meaningful and impactful.

The cost varies depending on the length of the trip and ranges between $1050 - $1250. This cost covers in-country transportation, hotel stay, meals, emergency medical Insurance and other program fees. We also strongly recommend the purchase of travel cancellation insurance in case you are unable to travel with us for any reason. Other expenses include any side excursions that you wish to participate in during “R&R” days at the end of the trip.  This cost does not include your flights for the trip.  You will be responsible for procuring your own flight into and out of the Guatemala City airport.  

HIM customizes each mission trip to fit the needs and abilities of the volunteers who will be participating. Please check with the trip coordinator or team leader for a better idea of what your trip will look like.

Hearts In Motion is pleased to announce that we have remodeled our facility in Teculutan and will now be able to house our groups of less than approximately 30 people there. Larger groups will be staying at Hotel Atlantico located at Km 126 in Rio Hondo, Zacapa. At the end of the trip, the group will be staying at one of several hotels in Antigua, Guatemala.  You can see pictures of both hotels by CLICKING HERE

Temperatures are around 85 to 95 degrees in Zacapa (hot, not usually quite as humid as Houston). Dress for comfort with maybe an outfit for a special night out. Evenings are pleasant with a breeze; sometimes rain, but never cold. In Antigua, on the other hand, it will be cooler in the evenings, days are pleasant. There is a laundry service at the hotel for a small fee so pack light. It is suggested you bring the following: 

A.   Passport1 1 Make 2 copies – 1 for your luggage, 1 to leave at home
B.  1 or 2 pairs of long pants for cooler nights and if you are working at a construction site 
C.  2 pairs of comfortable shoes 
D.  1 or 2 nice outfits for evening activities and R&R days 
E .  Anti-itch cream 
F.   Clothes that can get dirty if you are planning on doing construction
G.   Bug repellant (DEET can melt items in luggage so pack carefully)
H.   Camera
I.    Diarrhea medicine (you might ask your personal physician for and bring Cipro or other antibiotic.)
J.    Fanny pack and/or money belt, and/or daypack (daypack is optional but may be useful in Antigua)
K.   Flip-flops or sandals for the pool or around your room
L.   Hand sanitizer or hand wipes
M.  Sunscreen
N.   Medications or specialty items you need (contact lenses, glasses, etc.)
O    Pepto Bismol tablets or chewables
P.    Personal toiletries (ie. Washcloth, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc)
Q.   Hat, bandanas, Jacket or sweatshirt, Scrubs if planning on being in surgery, Shorts and short sleeve, light-weight shirts
R.   Small Bible (or New Testament) if you are interested in participating in morning prayer time.
S.    Sunglasses, Swimsuit, bath or beach towel
T.    Travel alarm clock (or cell phone and charger, although you may not have cell phone service in Guatemala
U.    If you are a medical provider, please bring a stethoscope and otoscope if possible    

Extras/Optional Items 

A.   Non-perishable snack
B.   There are soft drinks available, but in Guatemala, there are less diet drinks. If you like sweetened, sugar-free beverages, bring individual-size Crystal Light packets to add to bottled water. C. Plan on carrying your camera with you at all times in a fanny pack or pocket.
C.    Plan on carrying your camera with you at all times in a fanny pack or pocket.
D    Toilet paper or tissue packets (for travel and worksite use; hotel has TP)
E.    An adaptor for outlets. Most outlets are 2-prong.
F.    Locks for luggage (for storing your personal items in your suitcase while staying at the hotels)
G.   Small travel laundry bag with your name on it.
H.   Work gloves if you plan on working with the construction team

 If you know services you will be providing, you may bring supplies or equipment needed (battery-operated hand drill for construction; stethoscope for medical personnel; scissors, needles, etc. for seamstresses). 

Please Leave at Home: 

Nice, valuable jewelry, wedding rings, watches, flashy cameras or computer equipment. Hotels are safe, but you are never to leave anything of value visible to cleaning staff or unattended at a work site.

There is not an actual application process, however, we do ask all our volunteers to fill out the Online Trip Registration form and Healthcare Provider form (if pertains to you).

Depending upon the destination and length of your service trip, there may be a number of excursions available for you to participate in at the end of your trip. Options will be shared with you by the HIM team leader or coordinator prior to the trip. Excursions may include, but are not limited to a volcano hike, zip lining, coffee plantation tour or cooking school.



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