Meet Terry Greinke:::
Terry Greinke has been a volunteer for Hearts in Motion (“HIM”) for about 25 years.
            Terry, along with her husband, Dave, has dedicated many hours and days of work in the HIM store. Although her husband started volunteering a few years before her, Terry has made a large impact throughout her time volunteering at our store. Terry dedicates her Mondays to come to the HIM store, where she empties carts and assists in organizing the back room of the store. While Terry is working at the HIM store, the most important task she completes is talking to people. Terry has truly integrated herself into and made a large impact on the HIM community, getting to know people and fostering relationships. The relationships Terry builds with people in the HIM store and throughout the HIM community are truly priceless.
            In addition to the time she has worked at the HIM store, Terry participated in one of our early mission trips to Guatemala. While abroad, she completed many valuable tasks, namely, Terry sewed draperies for children, painted a building, and helped the doctors on the trip prep for surgeries. Terry’s work in Guatemala ensured that the trip was successful and ran smoothly.
            Terry’s ability to connect with others and her interest in conversation come as no surprise when looking at her past professional life, a Flight Attendant for United Airlines, as well as her family life. Throughout Dave and Terry’s marriage they have developed a truly unique family. Terry and Dave are the legal guardians of four children, two biological and two adopted. Additionally, Terry and Dave have fostered numerous children throughout their years together. Terry values the relationships and considers every child that enters her home her own, maintaining regular conversation with the children regardless of how long they stay in their home.  
            Now with their children grown, and both she and Dave, retired, Terry’s days are filled with activities with the grandchildren and travelling with Dave and long-time friends. And although, she is never short on things to do, she always finds time on Mondays to help us here at Hearts In Motion.
Thanks for being a part of Hearts in Motion, Terry.

You make all of our lives and days better!




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