Meet Dave Delaney:

Dave has been a volunteer for Hearts in Motion (“HIM”) since January of 2009 and is a resident of Willow Springs, Illinois. He is married to his wife, Darleen, for 29 years and together they have 8 children and 11 grandchildren.  Other than his love for spending time with his family, Dave has a love for science. He majored in chemistry in college and when his grandson became involved in robotics, Dave found a way to be involved with both his grandson and science: He started judging school robotics competitions. He started with school competitions but has since judged Super Regional, State Finals and even World Robotics competitions.

Dave’s involvement with HIM started in 2009. After he attended a speaking event at the Hickory Hills Presbyterian Church, where our director, Karen Scheeringa, talked about the “HIM” program, he instantly wanted to be part of the HIM mission.

Since 2009, every Tuesday, Dave has consistently volunteered at the “HIM” office. When he started volunteering, the Hearts in Motion’s headquarter was a small space in Highland, Indiana. Over the years, Hearts in Motion’s headquarter has moved quite a few times. With each move, Dave has made it with us. He happily does whatever work is needed. Some of his duties consist of makings scheduled pickups for donated items, sorting and pricing donated items, and arranging and moving items in the store.

In addition to volunteering at the “HIM” store every Tuesday, Dave has joined “HIM” on 6 mission trips to Guatemala. He enjoys the mission trips because it is on those trips that he really feels like he is taking an active role in our mission to help improve lives. He, especially, enjoys working on the various construction projects. One of Dave’s favorite memories was when on a trip, he helped to build a chicken coup for a family. Having that chicken coup allowed the family to raise chickens and then sell them. Imagine the family’s response. Imagine being part of a mission that allows you to have such a direct impact on helping to alleviate poverty, one family at a time.

Over the years, with “HIM”, Dave has continued to make an impact on lives in Guatemala. But here in the states, every Tuesday morning, he makes his biggest impact with the office staff when he greets them with a big smile and a “good morning.”

Thanks for being a part of Hearts in Motion, Dave.

You make all of our lives and days better!


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