In Guatemala, there is extreme poverty where young boys who cannot afford to go to school are sent away with men to work in the fields for two weeks at a time and where Seniors are left hungry and forgotten by their families.  With a monthly sponsorship, you have the ability to change their story.  With a monthly pledge, Hearts in Motion will connect you with a person in need and together we will provide food, schooling, music lessons or medical care and ultimately, hope for a brighter future.  We encourage you to send letters, small gifts or best yet, come and visit and see the change you are creating in one’s life.  You can make a difference!  
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School Sponsorship
$35 / MONTH
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School Sponsorship $35 / MONTH

Your sponsorship will provide uniforms, shoes, backpacks, school supplies, and an education. Preschool children also have access to medical and dental care, and a nutritious meal.

Hearts In Motion has been involved with daycares in Zacapa, Guatemala for a many years. These daycares were started to provide single mothers a safe place to leave their small children when they went to work. Also, the daycares give the opportunity to the children to jump start their education. As the program evolved, it became painfully evident to us that the parents could not afford to enroll their children in 1st grade. This is due to the fact that many of the parents work in agriculture which is seasonal resulting in a limited income. It is very difficult for them to provide basic necessities to their families such as food and shelter.  Education takes less priority, and consequently, many of the children end up working in the fields by the age of eight. For that reason, we knew we needed to do more in order to keep the children out of the fields and further their education prospect.

Your monthly $35 sponsorship will be an investment in the future of a child.  Throughout the school year, a representative of Hearts In Motion in Guatemala closely monitors the progress of the children by meeting with their teachers and parents.

We encourage you to look through our children to find that special child who speaks to your heart. Or if you prefer, we would be happy to select a child for you to sponsor.


Weekly Feed Sponsorship
$15 / MONTH
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Weekly Feeding Sponsorship $15 / MONTH

Your sponsorship will provide a weekly nutritious meal, access to health care and recreational activities. In 2008, Hearts In Motion started a Weekly Feed Program where approximately

100 children enjoy a free lunch every Thursday afternoon at the Nutrition Center in Gualan, Guatemala. In 2016, HIM expanded the Program to two days a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays, due to the high demand and ever-growing waiting list.  The children in the program also have access to medical, vision, and dental care by our teams.
The program helps children from the most impoverished families in the Valle Montagua area. For many of these children, this may be the only opportunity they have to receive a well-balanced meal throughout their week. Thank you for your support.


Senior Sponsorship
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Senior Sponsorship $30/MONTH

Your sponsorship will provide a weekly meal, community and purpose to Seniors often forgotten and alone in the Gualan community. On Wednesday, the Hearts In Motion Senior Center

located in Gualan, Guatemala, invites Senior Citizens of the neighboring community for lunch and a time to socialize together. The center also provides different activities which they can participate in together such as gardening and sewing. Not only do we offer them nutritious meals, but we surround them with opportunities to use the life skills they have acquired in a loving and supporting atmosphere where they are valued and respected.  You may select a senior that touches your heart or we will be happy to choose one for you.


Pueblo Modelo Daycare Sponsorship
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Pueblo Modelo Daycare

On September 3, 2018, Hearts In Motion (HIM) is opening a daycare in Pueblo Modelo, Guatemala. Good Shepherd Lutheran Church has partnered with HIM to make this dream a reality.The daycare will operate year round, five days a week from 7:30am to 3:30pm. The children will be receiving two nutritious meals a day plus a snack. In addition, the children will have access to medical and dental care.

Pueblo Modelo was established by the government after Hurricane Mitch in 1999. In the rush to relocate families that were affected by the hurricane, the town was established without any infrastructures, i.e. running water, electricity, etc. The new daycare is intended to provide working mothers with a safe environment for their children during the day. The children will be receiving a preschool education which will prepare them for kindergarten when they enter the Guatemalan school system. Please click on the picture above if you are interested in sponsoring one or more child.



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